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Many of the common diseases in our modern society are the result of changes to our lifestyle, our everyday diet, and our physical and chemical environment.  These manifest through nutritional deficiencies, physical and emotional stress, sleep deprivation,  and hormonal or immune imbalances, to name a few.


When we work with you, we avoid pigeon-holing you into specific disease categories. Instead, we try to identify ways your body is not functioning optimally and develop treatments to support your body's capacity to heal. Oftentimes this means identifying and treating food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or environmental exposures. 


We believe it is more beneficial to give assistance to the body than manage symptoms with prescription drugs, which often work through suppression (i.e. anti-this/that).  We've all grown up in a world unlike anything that existed before, where we are the test-subjects of the many processed foods and household chemicals which are now commonplace.   Using Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Botanical Medicine, we strive to stimulate your body's innate healing abilities. We want to partner with you with the goal of optimizing and reclaiming a healthier, happier life.




The Trillium plant is native to the Pacific Northwest forests.  Besides the unique "trillium" of both leaves, flowers & stamen (a trillium of trillium), it is an indicator species in our local forests – Trillium only grow in pristine environments.   if Trillium are present, the health of the local environment is likely very good.


Today, more people are developing chronic disease or environmental sensitivities through "modern" lifestyles due to high stress, poor nutrition, inadequate exercise, and chronic toxin and chemical exposure. Along with the advances of science, there have also been many consequences to our environment and our health.


Through a process called Epigenetics, many of us have become more sensitive or have developed less resistance to inflammation, oxidation, and imbalance.  In effect, we too have become "indicator species" of the environmental impact & nutritional deficiencies due to changes in the generations preceding us.  Similar to the Trillium plant, we require healthy environments in order to grow and thrive.  Our goal at TNM is to help you achieve this.


Lastly, we see the Trillium's echoed trinity of petals and leaves as representing the mind, body, and spirit aspects of our health, which all need to be addressed and supported to maintain or achieve optimal health.  


There is a vast difference

between treating effects,

and adjusting the cause.

-D.D. Palmer


Fall is the time of "the harvest", when all the plants of our diets are in full swing production, and when we begin moving from the expansion of summer back into the inward reflection of the colder darker months of the Pacific Northwest. 

In terms of our health, as we start to close up the windows and spend more time indoors, it is also the time when we get exposed to the viruses and bacteria that tend to be more active in this environment.  

While normal health promoting lifestyle choices (whole foods diet with lots of plants, regular exercise, restful sleep, water, and stress regulation) it is also the time of the year to consider using additional nutrients and herbs to assist our immune function. 

While some are proud of having not been sick "for years", everyone gets the occasional cold or flu.  When/if this does happen, make sure to give yourself extra - extra time to rest, extra good nutrition and fluids, and less activity to allow the body to have the extra energy it needs to deal with the infection. 

And while it may seem "unnatural" to some, I do recommend getting a flu shot - it's not always on target with the "virus of the year" but when it is, it can help avoid a few days or week of discomfort and missed work/activities. 

In health,

Dr Kraft


Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist
Many chronic diseases are the result of imbalance in the body - nutritional, hormonal, or immune - chronic infections, toxin exposure, or other lifestyle factors.  In fact, the most common health concerns in the US (heart disease, diabetes, cancer) are shown to be directly linked to dietary and lifestyle factors. 
Many times, symptoms are an expression of imbalance, or different body systems are stretched beyond their capacity to heal.  As a naturopath and functional medicine provider, my goal is to identify what is contributing to dis-ease,  prescribe treatments to support the body's natural (normal) functions, and provide information and resources for helping to resolve  these imbalances.  

I believe it is more beneficial to support the body with positive lifestyle choices, herbs, digestive and immune support, than to prevent prescriptions with prescription drugs.  Most medications are designed to block functions of the body to eliminate symptoms.  Prescription medication can be necessary, but in the modern era of brief medical visits, medications can be over-prescribed to quickly resolve symptoms.  Discovering what lifestyle factors are contributing to chronic illness takes time. Naturopathic visits provide more time for each visit to start to uncover triggers for illness.  The human body has an amazing capacity for healing when given the right support. 


Using Acupuncture, Nutrition, Lifestyle modification, and Botanical Medicine, I strive to stimulate my patients' innate healing abilities.  I know that a physician is only an assistant in the healing process, the work comes from the patient, and I enjoy assisting others to reclaim their health. 

Professional Bio

Dr. Kraft graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, and is a board-certified Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Washington. His practice is located at Trillium Natural Medicine on Bainbridge Island, WA (a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle). An avid researcher, Dr.Kraft's special areas of interest include: thyroid and hormonal imbalance, digestive health and nutrition, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, autism, and ADD/ADHD.  Much of his research time is centered around nutrition, digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Disease and IBS, and chronic illness. Dr. Kraft believes food is medicine and has become well-versed in using therapeutic diets to help patients overcome many ailments.

Starting in 2016, Dr Kraft has begun a training program on Autism, ADHD, and other childhood neuro-developmental disorders through the Medical Association of Pediatric Special needs (MAPS).  This is both due to the dramatic rise in autism in the US, and the realization that many of the factors contributing to Autism and similar diseases are the same issues affecting adults with chronic disease. He also wants to help the younger generation of kids to help them in the "new world" they live in, and is excited to continue this training to help kids on their way towards more functional lives. 

His acupuncture style is a mixture of classical acupuncture and Dr. Tan's Balance Method. He provides long-term pain relief for back, neck and joint pain without medication to many of his clients. Dr. Kraft enjoys turning skeptics into believers through rapid results.